Save time and park your WiBLE for free in our parkings. Also, you can pick up a WiBLE from the parking for free too.

Where are our parkings?

Parking Address Spots
Ortega y Gasset General Díaz Porlier, 56 5
Casino de la Reina Embajadores street, 45 2
Colón Colón square, s/n 5
Padre Damián Padre Damián street, 36 3
Glorieta de Bilbao Fuencarral street, s/n 5
Plaza de Castilla Cedros street, 2 5
Moraleja Green Europa avenue, 10 6
Orense Orense street, 50 5
Quevedo San Bernardo street, 105 5
Relatores Relatores street, 11 5
Princesa Princesa street, 5 (Plaza de los Cubos) 5
Bastardo Hotel San Mateo street, 3 5

How it works?

Park your WiBLE in a parking:

1. During the rent, check your App’s map to see all the free spots on the available parkings. The number on the P shows the free spots.
2. At the parking access, the doors or barriers will open automatically when you get close to them.
3. Follow WiBLE indications.
Park where you like!
Remember, if all spots are taken you have to leave the parking.

Pick up a WiBLE

1. Open the app, the number on the P shows the available cars.
2. Book your WiBLE and go to the parking by pedestrian access.
3. Follow WiBLE indications.
4. Pick up a WiBLE and drive to the parking exit, the doors or barriers will open automatically when you get close to them.

Do you know we have spots on Repsol Service Station?

Service Station Address Spots
Alfonso XIII Alfonso XIII avenue, 130 2
Arturo Soria Arturo Soria street, 175 5
Alberto Aguilera Alberto Aguilera street, 9 3
Paseo de la Habana Paseo de la Habana, 170 1
Mateo Inurria Mateo Inurria street, 4 2

You can find the spots on the Repsol Service Stations. They are painted on WiBLE colours.