Pleased to meet you. We'll see you around Madrid much more often now. WiBLE was born to simplify your mobility. Both in the city, and outside it. Because with WiBLE you can go further. +


drive without limits.

If you have a smartphone in Madrid, you have the key to a WiBLE. Over 500 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrids are available to you on the streets of Madrid just by downloading the app. Register with WiBLE and enjoy a comfortable, spacious, safe and sustainable vehicle with a range of over 600 km. +

near you.

In addition to finding WiBLEs located around the Madrid metropolitan area, where you can park for free in the green zone and blue zone, WiBLE has spaces in underground car parks in the city and its own bases outside the city, making your life simpler. +



WiBLE is not just a sustainable service; it is also a way for people to save money. Rates by the minute, hour or day and a flexible service providing you with total peace of mind will convince you that mobility is not just changing in our cities, but outside them as well. +

price per minute


second hour and onwards


price per day


download the app.

Download the WiBLE app to register and start changing the way you get around the city. You can use the app to locate your WiBLE, unlock and lock it whenever you want, and even to book it. The WiBLE app will take you further. +