If you have a smartphone in Madrid, you have the key to a WiBLE

We are a carsharing app that offers more 500 Kia Niro Hybrid Plug-in available for you. WiBLE is a car rental service for minutes or days thanks to our flexible rate. You can take or leave one of our cars inside the WiBLE area. You just have to download the App, sign up, and in just 5 minutes you will have all our vehicles at your disposal.

Park fast and free in our assigned seats in underground parking garages and Repsol Service stations

Start and end your trip at our bases in Pozuelo, Las Tablas and Villaverde

Circulate through Madrid and surroundings. Discover here the entire WiBLE area

sign up and see our promotions.

Download the WiBLE app to register and start changing the way you get around the city. You can use the app to locate your WiBLE, unlock and lock it. +


your mobile is the key.

You only need your phone to open our cars. Open the App, go to the WiBLE you have nearest and ... Enjoy the trip! Circulate around Madrid, move to the outskirts or park in our car parks or bases ...

Get on and go further.

Our cars, Kia Niro Hybrid Plug, are the ones that have greater autonomy, with 58 km of electrical power and more than 600 km of total autonomy. And, in addition, they are the safest carsharing, with an accident prevention system and active assistance in driving. What are you waiting for? Enjoy a comfortable, spacious, safe and sustainable vehicle.