WiBLE rates

WiBLE rates are designed to favor the continued use of our vehicles. With WiBLE you can go further, saving on each of your trips.

we want you to drive our vehicles without having to worry about driving time

price per minute
0,19 - 0,38

price per day
100km included
second hour and consecutive

38 - 48 / day
unlimited kilometers

WiBLE price per minute

The price of WiBLE per minute allows you to move with a hybrid car, with no time limit, it can vary depending on the demand for the service at all times.

WiBLE price for more than an hour

If you are going to use any of our vehicles for more than an hour, WiBLE prices allow you to continue using the vehicle for only € 6 / hour.

WiBLE price per day

The WiBLE price per day is very cheap, you can enjoy an environmentally friendly car for just € 60 with 100km included. From 100km the price per km is € 0.28.


WiBLE commitment

In WiBLE we have a commitment to urban mobility, part of that commitment is based on the WiBLE rates, our prices allow you to drive our cars every day, also being the best solution when you need a vehicle in a timely manner.

The model of carsharing proposed by WiBLE is a saving for both individuals and companies, so there are more and more WiBLE users who use our cars as a regular vehicle.

feel safe with WiBLE

To complete our urban mobility offer, we insure all your journeys with a policy that completely covers you and all the people traveling in the vehicle. In WiBLE we want you to feel safe, so you have comprehensive coverage that insure the entire reservation time.