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WiBLE is a carsharing company that allows users to book, open and drive any available car and return it by parking it anywhere in the WiBLE zone.

It aims to offer its customers a personalized, quality service with the following advantages:

  • One of the first players in the zero emissions carsharing sector to cover the outskirts of Madrid.
  • Fleet comprising 650 KIA Niro Plug-in Hybrids.
  • The safest zero emissions carsharing vehicle with a 5-star Euro NCAP rating.
  • Mid/high-end plug-in hybrid CUV with excellent range and active safety systems.
  • Integrated accident prevention system and active driver assistance.
  • 5 spacious seats for passengers’ comfort and a large boot to meet all kinds of needs.
  • 58 km on electric and over 600 km total range thanks to its plug-in hybrid technology.
  • Unique in offering hubs on Madrid’s major arteries (Pozuelo and Villaverde) to enjoy carsharing services.
  • Agreements with car parks and service stations to facilitate the service for customers.
  • Flexible rates.
  • For only € 1.50/h up to a maximum of € 12/day, our insurance takes care of everything, saving you the € 599 surcharge for administrative processing of claims if you are responsible for the coup.

In short, WiBLE gives more. More distance (greater range), more comfort (mid/high-end CUV), safer (unique due to its 5-star Euro NCAP rating)

In addition to serving all areas inside the M-30, it is operational in the north of Madrid up to Mirasierra, as well as Sanchinarro, Alcobendas or Moraleja Green Shooping Center. To the east of the city, WiBLE will cover the entire area bordering Calle Arturo Soria to Calle Alcalá and the areas of Concepción and Quintana. In addition, we have an area in and around the fairgrounds and reserved parking spaces in the P1 and P4 parking lots of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. And to the west, the entire circumference of Ciudad Universitaria and the M-30, extending the reach with areas in Pozuelo and Majadahonda.

WiBLE makes available 650 KIA Niro, XCeed and Ceed Tourer all plug-in hybrids.

contact us

At WiBLE, we are available whenever you need us through our Customer Services:

sign up

To sign up for our service, you simply need to download our App from the Apple Store if you have an iOS mobile (version 9 or higher), or from Google Play if you have an Android mobile (version 4.4 or higher) and follow the steps indicated.

The minimum age requirement for being a WiBLE user is 20 years.

You just need to include the following valid documentation to sign up for our service:

  • Identification Document:
    • If you are an EU citizen, your national identity document, passport or certificate of EU citizen registration issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
    • If you are not an EU citizen, the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) issued by the Ministry of the Interior or your passport.
  • Spanish driving license, similar document issued by any EU country or an international driving license together with the corresponding license from your country of origin.

WiBLE accepts credit or debit cards, Visa, American Express or MasterCard.

To validate that the user who is signing up matches the holder of the documentation provided.

Once the sign up information and the image of the Identification Document and the Driving License have been provided, the account will be verified and activated automatically through the app within minutes. The user will receive a confirmation email once the WiBLE account has been activated. From that time on, the user will be able to access the WiBLE App and start using the service. In the event that the app cannot validate the data automatically, you will need to get in touch with Customer Services, who will validate it manually.

Yes, the registration fee costs 4,99€

Yes, this service is active in order to offer a quality corporate transportation option for those companies that need a carsharing solution. For more information see WiBLE Empresas.


You can amend your information by going into your account on the app and clicking the “Edit” button for what you want to amend (contact email, address, payment card etc.) For security reasons, you will need to send an email to clientes@wible.es, including a copy of the front and back of your Identification Document, to amend the first name, surname(s), identification document number or driving license.

No. Each user has a personal, non-transferable account that may not be used by someone other than the account holder under any circumstances.

Of course, all the information and data provided by the user when signing up is protected under the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD).


You can consult the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy on the website wible.es

You can recover your password easily on the app’s start screen in your user profile.

No. Each user has a personal, non-transferable account that may not be used by someone other than the account holder under any circumstances.

It is possible that this is an incident. You can get in touch with Customer Services and we will help you.

You can reserve a car for 20 minutes, free of charge. Please remember to cancel the booking if you are not going to use it so that other people can reserve the car.

Yes. During the reservation period (20 min), you can cancel the booking free of charge from the app. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to book that car during the 40 minutes after cancellation.

There is no penalty as such, but while you have it reserved it cannot be used by another person, so please use the system responsibly and avoid bookings you are not going to use.

There is no maximum time limit for the rental. We have flexible rates per hour and per day which you can consult in our Price Policy.

There is no maximum limit of kilometers for the rental. After exceeding 100 km, the price will increase by €0.27 for each additional km travelled.

If you use a WiBLE more than 200km or more than 2 hours you allow WiBLE to charge you a warranty deposit which is reflected in our pricing policy. The deposit will be refunded , within a maximum period of 48 hours, if you finish the trip without any incidence.

Yes, but you always need to request prior authorization from WiBLE’s Customer Services.

Yes, the service is available 24 hours a day.

The only thing you need is to have the WiBLE app downloaded on your mobile. To start the journey, you need to book the car you have chosen, approach it and press “start trip”. To end the rental, you need to park the car inside the WiBLE zone and press “end”.

Make sure that you are in the WiBLE area Close the doors and Windows The automatic gear should be on P position Turn off the car engine pushing the start / stop bottom.

The automatic gear should be on P position Turn on the car engine pushing the start / stop bottom and push at the same time the brake To go forward change to D position To go backward change to R position

It is important that you check the car’s condition before starting a trip; if you find any damage, please inform us at Customer Services.

There is an indicator for petrol range, electric range and combined range on the dashboard. Please remember that you should not end the trip with a range below 60 km as you will be charged a €30 surcharge if this occurs.

The most important thing is that you call 112 if anyone has been injured and follow their instructions. Put on the vest you will find in the glove box and, if necessary, signpost the area with the warning triangles. Then call WiBLE’s Customer Services; we will help you gather all the information that the insurance company will need.

Yes, as long as the rental is not ended. In this case, the normal rate for the trip will continue to apply while the car is parked. A penalty of €250 will apply if the trip is ended in a private car park.

One of the advantages of the Kia Niro PHEV is the range provided by the plug-in hybrid technology. If the battery runs out, the car will automatically switch to hybrid mode, allowing the trip to continue without any problems. However, please remember that you should not end the trip with a range below 60 km as you will be charged a €30 penalty if this occurs.

Most cars will have chargers for the three major mobile connections on the market, so you can charge your mobile and end the trip. Your mobile will always need power to end the trip, otherwise, you can call Customer Services to help you.

Yes, as long as traffic regulations are respected and you bring your own child seat.

The user who used the car after you most likely became aware of the item and left it in the boot. You can get in touch with Customer Services and we will help you.

Yes, as long as traffic regulations are respected and you use the car in a respectful, sanitary manner.

You cannot smoke in WiBLE cars. If you do, WiBLE will apply a €40 surcharge.

We recommend you follow WiBLE’s social media accounts to find out about any promotions we run.

In case of any incidents, Customer Services are available 24 hours a day to help you.

In this case, you are not going to have any extra charge, as it is only applied to those trips ended outside M-30.

In this case, your trip will have an extra charge because the trip is ended outside M-30. Remember that the place where you start the trip never entails an additional charge.


At WiBLE, we have the plug-in hybrid version of the KIA Niro, with a 141 hp drive system consisting of an electric engine with an 8.9 kWh battery and a combustion engine. The car has 5 comfortable seats, climate control, automatic gearbox, parking sensors and a sound system that lets you connect your smartphone to listen to music. On the other hand, it has the most comprehensive and innovative safety equipment on the market, with a lane departure warning system, pedestrian detection and detection of possible collisions with automatic emergency braking to avoid accidents etc.

The hybrid technology allows WiBLE to offer a service with better features and greater range using cars with zero emission certification.

Currently, no electric cars offer the range that WiBLE requires to operate at longer distances electrically.

The Kia Niro PHEV is designed to run on the electric engine whenever possible. The range of the electric battery is 58 km. You can check the power flow on the dashboard at any time.

No. Once the car’s battery is discharged, the Kia Niro PHEV automatically switches to hybrid mode, which combines the electric engine with the combustion engine and recharges the battery during braking.

After opening the car through the app, the user will find a “start/stop” button on the dashboard which starts the car.

The user only pays for using the car at the rate stipulated per minute. WiBLE is responsible for recharging the batteries as required and filling the tank.

WiBLE recharges the batteries, whenever necessary, at our facilities.

Most of our cars will have chargers for the three major mobile connections on the market.

You will find all the vehicle documentation in the glove box.

The vest is in the glove box and the warning triangles are in the boot.


The WiBLEs are insured and in case of an accident caused by you, it will cover all damages suffered by the occupants of the vehicle and third parties. In case of an accident (as long as you have not violated WIBLE's T&Cs: alcohol, drugs, exceeding the speed limit, leaving your account to another person...) it will cost you up to 599€ for short trips or up to 799€ for WiBLE MáS for "Claims Management". We give you the option to reduce this cost to only 50€ for both services paying only 1,5€/h up to a maximum of 12€/day at the beginning of each short trip or 12€/day when you book your WiBLE MáS, this reduction will only apply if terms and conditions have been met. If you are not the cause of the accident the insurance of the other party takes care of everything, you do not have to worry or pay anything.

The insurance covers the driver, the car and the other occupants of the car.

No. Only the user who books the car is authorised as the driver and covered by WiBLE’s insurance. The other occupants of the car are strictly prohibited from driving it.

All cars that WiBLE makes available to users are covered by a mandatory third-party insurance policy. However, the user is covered for own damages; for cases in which an accident is caused by, and attributable to, the user, there is an expense chargeable to the user for administration concerning accidents and damages as stated in the Price Policy.

WiBLE will conduct a thorough investigation in each case to determine liability. We recommend that WiBLE users verify the car’s condition before use and after locking it, informing Customer Services of any damages they find.

If the car is already damaged before starting the rental, you should report the damage immediately by calling Customer Services.

All cases of accidents occurring under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as in the case of negligent driving.


From the time you press “start trip” on the app.

From the time you press “end trip” on the app.

At the end of each trip, you will receive an email with a summary of the use and the cost.

Invoices will be charged at the end of the trip, this invoice will include others services related with the trip such as parking the WiBLE car at car parks with agreements. Other services as parking the private car at hubs, as well as any additional surcharges will be charge afterwards when the administrative process finished. Please see our price policy.

You can easily access and download your bills through the app under “My trips”.

Our rate per minute may vary depending on the demand for the service at all times, we also have reduced rates for hours and days. This information appears in our pricing policy.

We will receive the notification and identify you as the driver. The relevant authorities will notify you as with any other traffic fine. The identification process will entail a €20 surcharge for administration.

Go to “My account” on the app and edit the details with your new card information.

The cost per minute, hour and day remain the same, but an extra charge will be generated for trips ended outside M-30. This charge will be €3 in Majadahonda, €2 in Pozuelo and Alcobendas and €1 outside the M-30.