WiBLE coverage

In WiBLE we want to be close to you, that's why we have a wide network of parking places and vehicles, we also offer you the largest parking area in Madrid.

WiBLE parking coverage

Parking reaches La Moraleja in the north, Moncloa to the west, Ciudad Lineal to the east and Legazpi to the south, but you can also park your Wible outside this perimeter in spaces such as IFEMA, Alcobendas, Pozuelo and Majadahonda. You can park anywhere included in the WiBLE zone, in addition, our sustainable vehicles allow you to drive through Central Madrid whenever you need it, even on days with high levels of pollution.


find a WiBLE in your area

If you want real-time information about the availability of WiBLE cars, download our app and know the location of the nearest vehicle.

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WiBLE bases

To reach all WiBLE users who need a carsharing service beyond the M-30, we have different bases with vehicles always available.

The WiBLE bases are a solution for people who live in municipalities near Madrid, who need a vehicle with Zero Emissions label to go to the center. If this is your case, you can reach any of the WiBLE hubs with your private vehicle and exchange it for an ecological WiBLE car, in this way you will not only be helping to improve mobility in Madrid, you will also be reducing the level of CO2 emission pollution . Find our bases in Pozuelo and Villaverde.

authorized parkings and Repsol service stations

In addition to the Wible bases, along the allowed parking area you will find spaces specially reserved for our vehicles.

You have parking areas in authorized Repsol service stations, located in some of the main roads of Madrid such as Arturo Soria, the Paseo de La Habana or Alberto Aguilera, in addition, you also have reserved parking spaces for you.


WiBLE, the most complete coverage of carsharing in Madrid

In Wible we are the reference service in carsharing in Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Aravaca, Pozuelo, Getafe, Las Rozas and in many other municipalities of the Community of Madrid. WiBLE coverage allows you to have WiBLE cars with Zero Emissions label with more than 600 kilometers of autonomy.

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