The WiBLE zone comprises the entire area inside the M-30. To the north of Madrid, it extends as far as Mirasierra, as well as the Las Tablas and Sanchinarro neighbourhoods.

To the east of the capital, WiBLE covers the entire perimeter marked by Calle Arturo Soria to Calle Alcalá and the Concepción and Quintana neighbourhoods. To the east, it includes Ciudad Universitaria and its surroundings.

Parking a WiBLE in Madrid is simple, convenient and free, thanks to our ZERO EMISSIONS label. It is possible to park and pick up a WiBLE in the blue and green spaces in the SER zone, as well as in all of the underground car parks in Madrid where WiBLE has an agreement. That way, when there are no spaces in the street, you don’t have to waste time driving around looking for a parking space.

Meanwhile, for all those who live outside Madrid, we have 3 WiBLE bases in Las Tablas, Pozuelo and Villaverde. You can pick up your WiBLE there to travel around the centre, saving you time and money and letting you forget about your car for the day.

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