More than a service designed for the city, WiBLE is conceived as a service for people.

Under this premise, the objective of WiBLE is to cover people’s mobility needs today. And when we talk about people, we are talking about families, friends, work, recreation, travel, emotions…

The Kia Niro plug-in hybrid, a compact crossover with 5 spacious seats plus a range of 600 km and a 5-star EuroNcap rating, guarantees that WiBLE users will enjoy a car with maximum comfort and all of the safety features that the latest technology can provide.

This means, for example, that plans such as spending a day in the mountains or taking any other kind of trip are possible with WiBLE. Additionally, there are of course huge advantages when moving around Madrid, such as saving time and money every time you need to park.

With WiBLE you can now enjoy all of the advantages of having a car, but without all of the hassles of owning it.

Bienvenido a Wible