As soon as you download the WiBLE app and register online, you can start driving our vehicles quickly and easily.

Open the map and select the WiBLE that’s closest or most convenient. There are over 500 Kia Niros located around the city. You can book them up to 20 minutes in advance. Once you are get to the WiBLE you have booked, just unlock it with the app on your phone and start enjoying it.

If you want to get out of the car without losing your reservation, you can lock the car via the app without ending your journey. The car will remain available only to you for as long as you want and with the same rate.

When you want to drop off the car, just park it, switch off the ignition, put it into park and put the handbrake on. Make sure the lights are off, the windows are up and that you have not left anything inside. Then press “end journey” in the app.

Remember that you can park and pick up a WiBLE with total freedom in the green zone, blue zone and in WiBLE spaces in the underground car parks. And outside Madrid, you can find them at the WiBLE bases surrounding the city. You will find these extremely useful if you live outside Madrid.

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