WiBLE is a sustainable and economical way of getting around Madrid. It will only cost you 24 cents/minute.

WiBLE also offers you flexible rates depending on your needs. If you are planning a getaway or thinking about using it for a prolonged period of time, the rate is €3 per hour from the second hour onwards. Additionally, we have a daily rate with a maximum rental price of €50 per day.

If you can’t find a space in the street and you park in one of our underground parking spaces, it will only cost you €1. Picking up a WiBLE from one of these car parks will cost you nothing.

You can also leave your own car at our Las Tablas or Villaverde bases and swap it for a WiBLE for just €1, which more than compensates for the hours of parking you will save inside the city. The only condition we impose is that you use WiBLE for a minimum of 40 minutes during that booking.

If you exceed a total distance of 100 km during your rental, your rate will be increased by €0.25/km on top of any of our rates.

We want to you drive with peace of mind when you use WiBLE. If you are responsible for a traffic accident, you will never pay more than €99 for damage, as an administrative and repair fee.

Basic standard rate

€0.24/min (1st hour)

* Increase of €0.25/km starting from 100 kilometres.

Flexible rate

€3/hour (2nd hour onwards)

* Increase of €0.25/km starting from 100 kilometres.

Daily rate


* Increase of €0.25/km starting from 100 kilometres.